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  1. تاسوعا و عاشورا بر شما تسلیت باد


    Version 2.5


    SocialKit 2.5 یک اسکریپت سایت ساز قوی و فوق العاده برای ساخت و راه اندزی شبکه اجتماعی مشابه فیسبوک واکنشگرا و ریسپانسیو با امکانات بسیار و مدیریتی راحت Demo : http://s.97-13.ir
  3. Version 4.2.2


    Device_Login For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher There is a discussion of how important of preventing concurrent logins to disallow users from staying logged into the same account from multiple devices. So this application allows admin to limit login to one device at a time for a user. Per configuration, one user won't be allowed to login if same user login from another device. Or they will receive the notification if there is another login from a different device. Product version: 4.2.2 What's New Version 4.2.2 Add missing phrases Version 4.2
  4. Version 4


    Avanced Marketplace phpfox plugin For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher Ready with phpFox 4.7.8 Served as an improvement to phpFox Marketplace, Advanced Marketplace module is a great tool to drive business for online merchants. It is equipped with the best product listings that enable sellers to promote their items more efficiently. This module is also enabled sellers to offer a variety of products and providing buyers with the convenience of purchasing such products from any single seller. In addition, buyers can rate a product, write a product review, or even follow up with s
  5. socialkit اسکریپت سوشیال کیت ، مناسب برای ساخت سایتی مشابه فیسبوک و ساخت و راه اندازی شبکه اجتماعی با مدیریتی راحت به همراه امکانات خوب و زیاد. ریسپانسیو و واکنش گرا . برای دانلود رایگان این اسکریپت قدرتمند به بخش دانلود همین سایت مراجعه فرمائید .
  6. Version 4.7.5


    Videos For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher People love watching videos, and video is one of the important factors to keep your users engage and stay more in your community. phpFox makes it easy to share video from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook or upload video directly from computers. Notice: For sites upgrade from V3 to V4, we only support migrate embed videos and mp4 videos. All flv files could not play on new Video app For functionality to upload videos directly from computers, FFMPEG is required on server. In particular, FFMPEG Dependencies are libmp3
  7. 5 downloads

    phpfox 4.7.7 pro nulled free download Fast, Mobile-ready & Customizable Social Network Software phpFox is the best PHP social network script for building online communities
  8. Version 4.6.0

    1 download

    Twemoji_Awesome For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher We are all using emoji nowadays, and this is one of the best ways to show our feeling to each other. phpFox provides the Emoji app which allows your users to insert more and more emojis while texting. Emojis are a fun and creative way that your users can use to connect with the other members of your online community. This has more become one of the essential features to a social network community. Compatibility This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.6.0 or later Product Information Version:
  9. Version 4.6.5


    Subscriptions For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher Your social network is just like your business, and a successful business does bring you money. Monetizing a social network doesn’t have to be hard. Membership subscription is a great way to earn money from your great user-base, your great content, and your specific features. When you create a membership subscription in phpFox, you can create custom a user group that can do special things that other user groups cannot do and you can charge for these features. With the membership subscription enabled, you can start making money with your socia
  10. Version 4.3.1

    1 download

  11. Version 4.1.0


    SavedItems For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher Have you ever got an uncomfortable feeling when looking for interesting stuff that you have seen/read on a social network site? Let's imagine that you have read a fantastic blog or seen a very interesting video/photo on the online community site. Then you may like to visit those items again or share them with your friends now. You may have many difficulties when looking for them due to many similar items on your social network. With Saved Items app, everything becomes much more convenient to users. People can save and organize what they love o
  12. Version 4.6.3


    RSS For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher RSS Feed is the most popular way to publish frequently updated information and phpFox already support RSS or Rich Site Summary to share the site content
  13. Version 4.2.3


    RESTful API For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher phpFox platform aims to be a fully-fledged application framework, so we need strong APIs that is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and well-tested framework. This application provides an easy-to-use RESTfull API, available via HTTP. So you can allow other applications to securely access your site's data via simple JSON format, including users, posts and more. Retrieving or updating data is as simple as sending a HTTP request .
  14. Version 4.7.0

    1 download

    Quizzes For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  15. Version 4.7.0

    1 download

    Polls For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  16. 0 downloads

    Poke For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  17. 6 downloads

    phpFox 4.7.8 officially Trial free download Hi everyone, we would like to announce that the new phpFox version 4.7.8 is officially available now. For the full list of improvements and bug fixes of the phpFox version 4.7.8 . You can download its package in Client Area and start upgrading your phpFox site from now.
  18. 5 downloads

    PHPfox IM For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  19. 1 download

    Pages For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  20. 1 download

    Newsletter For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  21. 1 download

    Music For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  22. 1 download

    Groups For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  23. 1 download

    Messages For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  24. 1 download

    Marketplace For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
  25. 1 download

    Forum System For phpfox 4.7.7 Or Higher
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